Stop Your Dog Pulling on the Lead in 3 Easy Steps

Dog pulling on the lead

Does your dog take you for a walk or run? A dog pulling on the lead can be stressful. We want a ‘slack’ lead when we are out for a walk which is enjoyable for everyone!

If your dog is a big goofy 70kg baby, it can be difficult to control if your dog is pulling on the lead. Not only does it pose a risk for you being pulled over and injured, or your arm being pulled out of its socket, it can equally be harmful to your dog by injuring his neck and throat or worse, accidently breaking away from your grip, which could easily result in him running into danger.

Don’t be fooled by the lightweight 5kg fluff ball either. You might not be at risk of having your arm ripped from its socket but their neck and throat can be damaged or injured or again, accidently breaking away from you and running into danger.

dog pulling on the leadDoes your dog tend to pull more on the lead when they first start out on their walk? Are they in a hurry to get to their favourite pee spot, tree, sniff spot? Maybe they’re just excited to be out on their daily walk?   This is the beginning of the battle, as the lead tightens, they tend to pull harder, you run a little to catch up, then they think they’re going for a run and pull even harder. Even the coughing and spluttering doesn’t seem to stop their enthusiasm!   Sound familiar?

Stop your dog pulling on the lead and turn your
walks into a pleasant experience!

Teaching your dog to walk ‘properly’ on the lead will require you being the leader! That means you take your dog for a walk, not the other way round!
Follow these simple steps to stop your dog pulling on the lead once and for all.

Step 1

Back to basics – Reward Good Behaviour

Teaching your dog to walk properly on the lead will require you to keep his attention. This means keeping your dog next to or close to you and rewarding him for being in this position. This will require baby steps and most likely it will start right from your front door! Keeping your dog’s attention will be the key to success to stop your dog pulling on the lead. As your dog walks on a ‘slack’ lead, reward him. You will need a supply of treats with you on your walk, or lots of praise as a reward will work well too.

Step 2

Take Control – Be the Leader

To stop your dog pulling on the lead, it is important for you to be in control of the walk. Keep the lead short, but not tight. This will enable you to communicate and reward your dog.

If your dog pulls, stop and get his attention, move off again when the lead is slack. If he pulls again, stop and move when the lead slackens. If he continues to pull, turn around and head back the way you have come or change direction, Dog pulling on the leadyour dog will follow you! Remember to reward the desired behaviour each time.

Step 3

Be Patient and Consistent

Depending how long your dog has been pulling on the lead, correcting this behaviour will take time. All training requires patience and consistency until your dog gets the message.   Never punish your dog, but always reward the good behaviour. This is the message your dog will remember. He will get there eventually!

Walkies will be so much more enjoyable for everyone!




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