Is Your Dog Whining or Crying For No Reason?


Is the sound of your dogs’ whining or crying breaking your heart? Does your dog whine or cry for no reason? Are you worried there is something wrong with your beloved pooch? Before you get mad at him there are a number of reasons your dog will cry or whine.

Firstly, let’s look at the difference between puppy crying or whimpering and an adult dog whining or crying.

It’s natural for a puppy to whimper or cry for various reasons, however an adult dog should not be whining or crying for no reason.

Puppies will whine and cry for different reasons, don’t forget they are babies and experiencing things for the first time.   For example a puppy will whine and cry for the first few nights when you bring them home. This is because the only thing they have known since being born is their littermates and their mother.

Puppies will instinctively whimper, letting out a little whimper or cry is similar to how they interact with their mothers, this is how they ‘ask’ for something. But they also learn very quickly with their humans, that by letting out a little whimper or cry, will get them what they want.crying or whining It could be to let you know they are hungry, thirsty, need to go toilet or want some attention.

Understanding your puppy’s needs and wants will help decipher if the whining and crying is real or ‘attention seeking’ however, the attention seeking whine or cry could lead to behavioral problems later on.

Remember, dogs can’t talk so their way of communicating with us is by being vocal.  This could be a bark, a whine, a cry, a whimper or ‘talking’ means they are trying to tell us something.

Reasons why your dog may whine or cry

Adult dogs will not generally whine or cry for nothing. If your dog is whining or crying, it is because he has a problem or needs something. It may be as simple as a prickle in his paw and is painful when he walks. He may have a stomachache or be sick. Older dogs may be suffering arthritic pain or joint ailments. I suggest examine your dog thoroughly to check if there is an injury or a medical problem, a trip to the vet may be needed if you suspect your dog has an injury or medical problem.

If you don’t think it is an injury or medical problem, then you will need to investigate further as to why your pooch is whining or crying. It could be boredom. Dogs are very active and intelligent animals and could be looking for some stimulation. It helps to keep your dog stimulated bCrying or whiningy play and exercise daily. It is also equally important to reinforce obedience training with your dog throughout their life. As little as 15 minutes a day stimulates their brain and will help to keep their mind and body active.

Remember that a well-trained dog should whine or cry only when it is sick or in trouble. If your dog whines frequently then it will be difficult for you to know when they are truly in trouble, and this could lead to disaster.

Another common reason is that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety. This is a very common, but sometimes misunderstood condition that leads to a dog whining or crying, barking and tearing your home apart when you leave them home alone.


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