Are You Struggling With Dog Behaviour Problems?


dog behaviour problems

Dog behaviour problems may be a result of separation anxiety. But, before diagnosing your dog with separation anxiety, consider their breed traits and personality which could be contributing to dog behaviour problems.

Every dog has his or her own unique personality. For those of you that have owned dogs before, you will know that no two dogs have the same personality or temperament, even dogs of the same breed. Understanding different dog characteristics and traits will help you to recognise, and act, on your dogs’ behaviour problems including separation anxiety.

Don’t make the mistake of confusing your dog’s “breed traits” for misbehaving. Every dog will inherit particular breed traits, even if they are a mix breed. For instance, certain breeds are prone to dog separation anxiety; with others may naturally be hyperactive requiring a lot of exercise and stimulation leading to dog behaviour problems. There will also be some breeds that are less active and happy to mooch around all day. So it is important to understand your dog and their breed qualities before banishing them as an unruly member of the family.

Are you and your pooch the perfect match?

If you lead an active lifestyle, you would not want a dog with a phlegmatic character, which will beSeparation Anxiety content to hang around the house eating and sleeping. Matching dog breeds and characteristics that closely resemble your lifestyle will benefit both you and your dog minimising any dog behaviour problems in the future.

If you are the kind of person who likes peace and quiet around the house, seek dog breeds that are known to be peaceful and quiet by nature. Likewise, if you are the type that loves the outdoors and is athletic, find a dog that has the stamina to keep up! Active and athletic dog types need their daily requirement of hard running and long walks. Otherwise all that pent up energy could have the potential to result in mass destruction of your home!

Dogs are known to be intelligent animals. However some breeds are savvier than others. The more intelligent dogs can pick up a command with five exposures, without forgetting, even when the command is not repeated often.

Separation AnxietyNo matter how intelligent your dog is, they will still require basic training to hone their skills. After all, dogs are not born understanding basic commands, or English!

Establishing the purpose for having your dog is equally important! Dogs are more than just a fashion statement. First and foremost, they will be a valued member of your family. They are good companions and playmates, but can also be protectors, workers, guides etc. Despite your reasons for acquiring a dog, research is a must to determine the right fit for you and your family and avoid potential dog behaviour problems.

So, there are many reasons for dogs to have behavioural problems, regardless of their breed traits.

  • Firstly, you must ensure you and your dog are a match!
  • Lack of training – if your dog has not had basic obedience training, expects problems!
  • Separation Anxiety – if your dog is over bonded with you and has anxiety tendencies, whether that be breed related or if your dog is a rescue dog that has been rehomed. There are many reasons why your dog may have separation anxiety.

These are just some of the things that may help you understand your dog and minimising potential dog behaviour problems, or assist you to decide on your perfect pooch. You don’t want just any dog, you want a friend that you can live with, have fun with and be a valued member of your family for a long time.




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